National Transportation Safety Board Found Walmart Truck Driver At Fault In 6-Car Pile-Up

Saturday Night Live alumnus and former star of 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan was injured in a 6-car pile-up on June 7, 2014 on the New Jersey Turnpike. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that the accident was caused by the Walmart truck driver, 35 year old Kevin Roper from Jonesboro, Ga, who was charged with death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. The truck slammed into Tracy Morgan’s limo van, killing James McNair, Morgan’s life-long friend and comedy writer, and injured three other passengers in the van.

The truck driver was presumed to be napping, not seeing the slow moving traffic ahead, swerved to avoid hitting the limo bus but struck it in the rear and then another vehicle. The truck started a chain reaction in which Morgan’s limo bus rotated, turned over and hit a Buick which crashed into a Ford pickup and another tractor trailer. The Walmart truck hit a guardrail before resting on the left shoulder of the turnpike.

The accident left 45 year old Tracy Morgan and fellow passenger Jeff Millea in critical condition. Morgan has been recovering from brain injuries in connection with the accident when he heard Walmart spokesman stating that he and his fellow passenger were at fault for the injuries by not wearing seatbelts.

Morgan and the other victims say that Walmart should have been aware that the driver had been on the road 24 hour straight. On September 30, Walmart representatives denied allegations of negligence and recklessness, and stated the injuries happened because of the failure by the van occupants to wear seatbelts were their initial responses. From what Forbes is reporting, Walmart is willing to work with Mr. Morgan and the other plaintiffs to resolve the matter. Me and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez wish all those in recovery well wishes.

I Don’t Eat in Your Bed-Don’t Sleep at My Golden Corral

If you are one of those people who sit down to a meal and eat until you have sent yourself into a food coma, stay away from the Golden Corral. In the deep South, things are much more relaxed than in places such as New York or Washington. So relaxing in fact, that a couple dining at the Golden Corral in Georgia fell asleep in their food. Their alarm clock came in the form of uniformed officers.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” the authorities were called to a Golden Corral location near the Institute at Aspen for a “report of suspicious activity.” When the authorities arrived, they found no suspicious activity. My friend Mark Ahn made the joke that there was actually no activity at all. The couple was fast asleep at their table.

To no surprise, there were Facebook mentions of the happenings. In the police post about this incident, it was posted that an “officer saved the man’s life by waking him up so he didn’t inhale food and choke.” After questioning, they released the man. The fate for the woman was not as fortunate.

The police then proceeded to place the woman under arrest for the possession of a controlled substance. A true stroke of bad luck for this woman. Not only was she stuck with the bill for the meal, but now she has fines and a record. That is one breakfast meal that came with a hefty bill.

Shark Nibble or Shark Bite- Big Difference!

A child at a Colorado Springs Joe’s Crab Shack was accidentally served a Shark Bite drink instead of a Shark Nibble. The former is alcoholic, while the latter is merely fruit juice.

The employee who served the drink has already been fired. No major damage was done, and no law suit has thus far surfaced, but Joe’s Crab Shack has ordered retraining for its Colorado staff. The mistake apparently occurred due to mislabeling, but the restaurant chain insisted that the employee had not followed standard procedures which could have averted the mix-up.

The fact that both drinks have the word “shark” in their names, and both have a miniature toy shark on top of them no doubt also contributed to the incident. One drink is on the kiddie menu, however, and the other is on the adult menu. It seems therefore that some carelessness was at play along with the inherent pitfall of the similar-sounding name and the shark toy’s presence.

One would think that it would be easy to remember that a nibble is for kids but a bite is something only adults can handle, but nonetheless, the mislabeling apparently occurred. Joe’s has taken measures to correct the problem, but it’s probably a good idea for Igor Cornelsen to inspect his kid’s juice next time he’s at the shack. They need not be “crabby” about it, but they might want to confirm with their waiter that he’s sure it was just a nibble and not a bite.